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Just need to vent for a sec....

So, not sure if anyone else is really in the same boat, so I wanted to share something that's been driving me nuts lately.  The past month or so I have started to get really emotional about a few friends that aren't coming to the wedding, who I feel should be there... or, to be fair, we'll say who I REALLY want there, and would definitely be at theirs.  I have TWO girls who would have been in my bridal party (if I was having one) that aren't even coming.  My grandmother who lives here in Tampa isn't coming.  It's soooo upsetting!  And, when I first started this whole process I completely had to attitude of - We are having a DW and I know it might be inconvenient for you - if you can come, awesome, if not, I completely understand.  Well, here I am one week out, and I don't completely understand!  It's in the same state, and you've known about it for a year ... you really couldn't have planned it out better.  I hate sooo much that I feel this way.  I don't even want to talk to some of these friends before the wedding b/c I'm scared it'll make me sad. :((  I would never not be friends with them anymore or even act upset towards them, and I'm REALLY trying to be understanding and cool about it.  But, my feelings are soooo hurt!  My FI had a much better turn out than me, and his people all traveled from WAAYY further!  

My hope is that, on the day, I won't be remotely thinking about the people I'm missing!  I'm just kinda bummed right now... shedding a tear as I type!  UGH... this wedding has me all sorts of emotional!  I have never been like his before! 

Thanks for listening... or reading!!  You totally deserve a cocktail if you made it through all this! :)
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Re: Just need to vent for a sec....

  • Tang&Tonic took the words out of my mouth. When your day is here, live it to the fullest with the man that has your heart, all while appreciating those who did come!

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  • Ahhh you guys are too sweet!!!  I feel like I'm the one saying the exact same thing when others post stuff like this... and I really didn't think I'd feel this way!  I know I won't be thinking about it the day of - it's just become really upsetting now that I'm in the home stretch here!

    Thank you so much, as always, for your kind, inspiring words!!! xo

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  • I'm sorry, Emily! I completely get how you are feeling. We have a couple friends who said they were going to go, but it looks like they won't be able to.  I completely get it, but I'm bummed. It's a situation that's really out of their hands and if all of it didn't happen they would be there.  Still, I can't help but feel down about it. It's just one of those things that happens with DWs. 
  • No one thinks your day is more important than you. Its one of the downfalls of a DW. A lot can change over a year financial situations etc....Could you have a big reception when you come back. You sound like me...all of my firiends will not be at my DW also. But I want you to enjoy your day!!!
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