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FMIL strikes again

So after all the frustration about FMIL deciding she's going to use our room credits we're getting from the travel agent to pay for our room at the resort instead of her and her husband paying for it like she said she would in August (yes, I'm still pissed off about it . I'll get over it, but won't forget. Ever), now I'm pissed off about an entirely other thing she did. Over the last week I've received 2 RSVPs (not coming) from people I had no idea I even invited to my wedding. They weren't on the invite list we've been keeping track of and had sent to the printer's for the invitations (addresses were printed on the invites), which included a list of people FMIL had previously sent to me.

So basically FMIL decided it was ok for her to send out invites to people and not tell us about it. WTF. As she's perfectly aware, FI and I are paying for our ceremony/reception, and each person beyond the 20 included in the resort package is an additional cost (we've been expecting 40-50 since the beginning). So now I know why she volunteered to send out the invitations instead of having them shipped to me to send out. She wanted to add people to send the invites to. It'd be one thing if she just called me and said, "hey, I want to send some invites to some more people I think should be invited" and see if that was ok (which I would probably agree to). But no.

I think she probably figured I wouldn't find out about it since in the invitations it said that your reservation at the resort was your RSVP (or if not booking through the travel agent, email us so we know you're coming), so people not coming don't really need to RSVP. She probably figured the additional people wouldn't be coming anyway (which so far they aren't), but what if they did?! Not cool. I also have no idea how many other people she sent invites to.

And at this point I can't even do anything about it. They invitations are sent. It's not like we can call them up and un-invite them. Or if any of the additional people decide to come and have booked, it's not like I can say "oh sorry, even though you're coming to Puerto Vallarta you can't come to my wedding."
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