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**MY LP!**

So what I was TRYING to say last night before TK so rudely interrupted me..!

First of all, HOLY MOLY.  I cannot believe that mere hours from now, we will be on the road to our new home, our new lives.  I can count the days until my wedding on one hand.  And pretty soon, I'll have that same countdown for my new job.  So much is changing over the next couple of weeks.  I am sitting on the floor of our empty apartment in disbelief at the fact that we actually made it.  I'm so pumped for it all.  Bring it on!

There are really no words for the love that I have for this board.  I haven't been around as long as many other ladies and came later in my planning, but I couldn't have felt more welcome.  It was awesome to be able to just jump right in.  You have all been supportive and honest with the feedback you've given me, helping me turn what was admittedly a pretty haphazard and disorganized wedding into something beautiful that I couldn't possibly be more excited about.  I know my wedding wouldn't look the same if I hadn't been inspired by you ladies and all of the fantastic things you come up with!

I could probably go on all day about the life-saving advice you girls give to fellow DW brides and the laidback and welcoming vibe you all create for this board, but what I could definitely never say enough about is how much I've loved getting to know all of you.  You have become not only a part of my wedding, but just a dang fun part of my day that I get to look forward to!  I feel privileged to have been allowed to share in your lives and the planning of your perfect days, and I can't wait to see all of those wonderful plans--WR or otherwise--come to life for each of you.  You girls are incredible and deserve nothing but the absolute best!

I wish that I could thank each and every one of you individually, but I feel like it just wouldn't do any of you justice.  You have all at one point or another made me smile, cracked me up, guided me, consoled me, or encouraged me when I thought I wouldn't make it to the wedding finish line because of all of the other crazy stuff happening all around me.  You ladies gave me the confidence to stick it out and do this.  Because of that, I am now living proof that you CAN, in fact, finish your masters thesis, graduate with your degree, work full-time, hunt for jobs, land a job, move across the friggin' map, and STILL plan a stellar wedding.  Just as I always love hearing about what's happening with each of you, I've enjoyed having you all here to share in the pure insanity of these last several months with me.

I'm looking forward to coming back old and married and taking part in the excitement and anticipation surrounding all of those gorgeous weddings that are coming right along.  You hear it over and over again, but time really does fly by.  (In fact, wouldn't mind having a little bit of that time back now, of course, haha.)  You'll all be there before you know it, and I can't wait to send all of you off and see you come back with pics and stories, just like I will after next week.  I'll be carrying all of you on my big day and thinking of you.  You've had a hand in everything that's happening.  I sincerely cannot thank you ladies enough.

And with that, we're off on our big adventure!  See you on the other side!

Much love,
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