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Happy Saturday!

Hi ladies, whats everyone up to today? FI and I are working more on the house. I can't believe how great the harwood floors are. Monday my friend is coming to look at them so he can sand and polish them. I'm so HAPPY the carpet is gone!! We are also working on sprucing up the patio for our big Mothers Day BBQ. I just can't wait for everyone to come over and show them what we did to the house so far and tell them the news!!! We used our Christas gift certs today at Lowes. Bought a pressure washer, paint and new cushions for our furniture. These are my proud projects since I don't have any wedding projects to do. Have a great day!!
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Re: Happy Saturday!

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    I'm being a busy today, I have a two year old bday party and two wedding showers in the next 3 weeks so me and Gigi (my daughter) r having a shopping day :)
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  • Just got home from a shopping trip for supplies, now to work on the DIY projects! Lol
  • I am just working.  Good luck with all the DIY everyone! 

    When is your daughters bday Laura?  My granddaughter, Penelope, will be 2 on May the 3rd.  It sounds like they must be close.
  • Well the party I'm going to is for my cousins daughter but my daughters bday which I'm also in the process of planning is may 17th shell be 1! But I'm having the party memorial day weekend cuz I'm having a luau party and I want it to be warm lol P.S. I LOVE the name Penelope : so cute
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  • Sounds like everyone is pretty busy today. I am laying on the couch in my pjs still. We still have friends over from last night. We may go see American Reunion tonight but that's about it.
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  • Aww Rhonda and Laura my daughers birthday's are around the same as your granddaughter and daughters!

    My oldest turns 16 on May 2nd and my 2nd turns 10 on May 17th!  A lot of birthdays in May!

    Like I'm going to try and stay home and finish working on the multiple DIY projects that I have to do...wish me luck!
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  • I was supposed to go to a birthday party for my twin nephews, but it was cancelled :(  So now I'm doing my normal Saturday routine of cleaning.  Hoping to finish soon so I can workout a bit.
  • Tomorrow is my cleaning and cooking day for the week as it is my only day off.  I have do to extra because of the carpet cleaners coming Friday.  I have to get rid of all the clutter that has started to build up.  I hate clutter!

    We hardly ever go to the movies unless we are out of town.  We live in a small town with one old, uncomfortable theatre.  My H is 240lbs and 6'4".  He doesn't fit in the old crappy seats very well but I really would like to go more often!  I am jealous when I see you guys always talking about going to see the latest movies.
  • Met up with a friend for lunch to plan our trip to NYC in a couple weeks...

    Then got a call from work, they offered me OT, so I'm going to work tonght. :( Sad, but at least I get to make extra money for my trip and the wedding!

    It sucks, though, because the weather is sooo nice today and I was planning on going shopping, but I'll be making money instead. I guess that's better than losing money, right?!
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    Wow everyone is very busy this weekend! Hope eveyone gets everything done that they wanted! We just showered and went to eat then back home for more work on the inside. I made a little boo boo today. We painted all the pation and cleaned the furniture then I went around to the front of the house (we use the back entrance) and I notice how terrible the porch looked. This house was FIs grandparents so there is a lot of work to be done and a lot that we have done. The porch railings etc is all wood that FI painted white when he bought the house 4 years ago...well it was all peeling off so I told him we needed to paint it tomorrow. I said instead of scraping lets use the pressure washer, so that was my job. Well I thought he wanted the wood striped down so the white paint wouldn't look bad. Turns our he just wanted it washed and the loose paint knocked off with the P washer. Oops. I pretty much stripes all the paint off and got too close to the wood and now all the wood is started to splinter up bad. My bad! We actually now have to get a quote of vinyl railings! Secretly....hehe. I'm happy. I hated that FN porch!
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