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Wedding rings- where to buy?

Where did you get your wedding ring?
Is that the same place as your e-ring?
What about FI's ring?

Pros? Cons?

I think we've decided to get our rings where FI got my e-ring, just so that I can take them in to be cleaned and checked all at the same time. BUT my white gold seems to always need to be dipped and the closest location is over 90 miles away.

What did/will you do?

Re: Wedding rings- where to buy?

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    I ordered Josh's band off of, and mine came from zales, where my e-ring came from.  HIs is a Tungsten, and mine is just a white gold plane wedding band.  It's the only thing that would go with my e-ring. 
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    We're struggling with this.  We love the jeweler FI used for my ering so we planned to get wedding bands there.  But, FI fell in love with a Tacori wedding band ($$-- ugh!) and our jeweler isn't a rep. So, it looks like we'll get his somewhere else.  But, if we buy my wedding band there we get a bigger discount.  They swear they can match my ering no problem, but I almost feel more comfortable getting mine from the original jeweler.  At the same time, they're pretty far away so I can't just pop in and get mine cleaned whenever.

    It shouldn't be this complicated. :)
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    My e-ring came from blue nile and wedding band will most likely come from a jewelry store in the mall.  Same for FI.  He will get whatever he likes which will likely come from the mall as well.  See my previous post.  :)

    Personally I would get what you like regardless of where it comes from.  Unless you have to take your e-ring every 6 mos - 1 year due to a warranty I wouldn't worry about it. 
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    FI got my engagement ring and wedding rings (a set of 3 rings) at the same time. However, the jewelry store he got my rings from closed 3 days after he proposed (and we only knew that because the day after he proposed we went in to get the rings resized)!! So, now the closest location for that jeweler is in Chicago, while we are in St Louis. That's a good 5 hour or so drive that we'll have to make once a year to ensure the warranty stays good (we have to get it cleaned and everything once a year so that if anything ever happens to activate the warranty we can get it). So now I have no idea where to get his wedding ring. Or even what he wants his wedding ring to look like. He's very unhelpful when it comes to these kind of details.
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    I do have to take my ring in every 6 months to keep the warranty active. 

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    We got our rings at the same location as my e-ring
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    We got ours at the same place he got my e-ring.  We found what we liked there and it was easier.  If they wouldn't have had anything I liked though I would have shopped around more. 
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    I have to take my ring in every 6 months for inspection as well.  We bought both our bands at the same place as FI got my e-ring.  My wedding band is fitted to my e-ring and I plan to have them soldered together, so getting them at the same store made more sense. 

    I told FI one day that we were going to the mall to get his clothes and for him to pick out a ring.  It didn't matter what store we went to but I wanted him to at least look.  We went to the same store he bought my e-ring, spent 10 minutes trying a couple on, and decided on the spot.  We have gone to this jewelry store for a few other things and the manager always remembers us, and will sometimes give us a good deal.  I think that's why he wanted to go back to the same store. 

    If you need to have both E-ring and wedding band inspected, I would get them at the same store (so it can be done in one stop).  If not, then just find something you like where ever the price is right.  Unless you get a discount for getting FI rings at the same store as the e-ring, I wouldn't worry about having to get it at the same place.

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    Got both of mine at Peoples.  My husbands was from spence.  LOVE peoples--smaller side diamonds come loose and peoples take it and make a speedy fix no charge.
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