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Happy Saturday!!!

Good morning ladies!!  I hope you all have a very fun, productive day today!!!   :)

I'm looking forward to our Holiday Party tonight.  Wish you all could be there, but hopefully one day soon, we'll have a big giant Knottie GTG and party like Rock Stars!!!!!

Re: Happy Saturday!!!

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    Good morning!!!!  Have a great party, Shelli!!

    I was MIA all week because work and school was crazy for me this week AND of course TK issues....grrrr.

    We are getting our Xmas tree today and FI is picking up my e-ring from the jeweler today and trying on his ring!!!  EEEK!
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    omg I can reply to a post!!!

    Happy Saturday!
    today is Jeff's work Christmas party.  Should be a good time and great food, always is :)  tomorrow is possibly snowboarding!

    Hope everyone has a good weekend
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    Have a good party Shelli!  Wish I could be there :)

    Today I'm just finishing laundry, and starting to pack my stuff up!! 

    Have a good Satruday ladies!!

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    Yay!  I can post!!!!!!!

    Nothing crazy's snowing out...and I'll be working on wrapping gifts and making gifts since time is just a flying.  Then tonight FSU is playing in the ACC championship game!  Go 'Noles!

    Shelli...have a great party...wish I lived closer!  ;)

    Have a good day ladies!
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    Omg. I can finally post! Happy Saturday!!!!!!!

    Shelli - Have a great party tonight!!

    Not much planned for me. Just decorating and enjoying the first snow of the year here. I'm babysitting my 3 little nephews tonight so that should be fun. :)
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    Happy Saturday girls!  Just finished breakfast and am going to go for a tan and pick up a wedding gift at the Bay where our registry is.  Having FSIL and her boyfriend over for dinner tonight :)  Hope you all have a great day!!!
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    I have the BEST white elephant present're gunna want it. Laughing

    It's a packing day today...just finished the bathroom and tomorrow I'll do all of my clothes and desk. I want to be bare minimum this week so that way, bright and early next Saturday we can just start moving...

    For now, about to start getting ready for Shelli's party...have to leave here about 4 to be there by 6...and that's if there's not a lot of rain...
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    I hope your party is AMAZING, Shelli! I can't wait to hear about it! I'm sure it'll be AMAZING!
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