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Possible DW? Need your HELP PLEASE!

Hi Everyone!  My FI and I got engaged in August and originally planned on having our wedding here in Boston.  However, due to some dramatic and unfortunate family events, I don't know that it would be possible to go with our original plan (and even if it were, if that's what we would still want.)  We have begun toying with the idea of having a smaller (probably 60 person or less) DW.

We've researched DWs a little bit and our concern is that we would prefer to have SOME kind of a "traditional" reception (think dinner, dancing, etc.).   A lot of the packages we've seen thus far involve receptions that seem to be more like celebratory dinners than traditional wedding receptions.

Can you guys explain DWs a little bit more to me?  Would it be possible to have a small reception that's still somewhat traditional (includes dancing, etc.)?  Were you satisfied with your decision to have a DW?  How much on average can I expect to spend (hypothetically) for 60ish people in the location YOU are having your wedding at?  How do you feel confident that everything will run smoothly when you're planning so much from so far away?  Any other thoughts/advice as I navigate this confusing world of DWs?

Thanks so much for your help!
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