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Did anyone get it?  I am not that well informed about it buuut it is one of the things past due on my checklist so I thought I would look into it.  Any thoughts?  If you do have it, where did you find an insurer - online?  Thanks!
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Re: Wedding Insurance

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    I didn't but I should have... I was REALLY lucky that my venue still had the event due to all of the snow, and my pastor almst didn't make it out of his house because the township didn't plow. I know girls on my month board who didn't have a wedding and had to use the insurance... but this was winter. I have no advice about any other month. Winter brides I STRONGLY recommend insurance.

    I also rec. honeymoon insurance to anyone during the winter, or hurrican months.
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    We did get honeymoon insurance.  Our wedding is late June (the 25th).  On that exact date last year there was that horrible tornado-like hail storm.  And though they aren't that common then, June is technically the start of hurricane season I believe.
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    I didn't have it. I wanted it but in the end I didn't need it.
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    Thanks for bringing up this question b/c I think I really should get it for the wedding AND the honeymoon as PP said.  Too much at risk and I don't think it's expensive.
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