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Hurricane Irene

So, as you all know, as long as settlement goes well today we are moving tonight instead of this weekend to avoid Hurricane Irene.

Several FB friends have been posting pics from grocery stores of tue bread aisle (empty). I'm hoping we can get some food and supplies once we move in. We don't have any of that stuff now because we didn't want to grocery shop just to have things to move.

I'm less than thrilled about the hurricane's timing but to be honest, with the exception of settlement not happening today (still an option since last night at 8 pm they were asking for documentation from a bank that's more detailed than the bank gives) the hurricane's timing in regard to the house closing is just typical given how awesomely bad this process has been.

Anyway. That's my rant.

Anyone in Irene's Path-- use this as an open letter to bitch about he hurricane :)
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