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WTF Wednesday!!


Re: WTF Wednesday!!

  • Jenn- Dont fall for it. It's a trick. She's only texting you to tell you something to make you feel bad. Or it was a mass test. Cathy- Get Britt a clean cup. This board is great. I think it might be because of the mods. IMPO! I think Im the greatest distance from everyone. We should all meet in Vegas next year. How much trouble do you think we'd all get into?
  • Oops, I missed this. Being on the second page and all. Tell your FSIL to bite you! :)

    In Response to Re: WTF Wednesday!!:
    [QUOTE]So I'm late but just showed FI the your little ticker war and he all out laughed, haha. My WTF is to my FSIL.  For a little back round info, FSIL and FBIL own a little grocery store that FI has worked at for over 9 years and way before they bought.  Also, we set up a dinner at my parents house so that his parents and sister and family could meet mine and our dog since we are all staying together for a week.  So out of the blue today, FSIL txts FI, "you know we obviously won't be able to go to dinner right?"  Ummm no since we planned this two weeks ago and he changed things at work so that he could get out early.  So they had a fight about us not being flexible.  FI almost blew up since we picked the only night we could since FI works all the other nights at the store!  Then she has the gall to say we are being inconvenient because we are having our AHR Memorial Day weekend!!! And it's all because of the store since it's busy that weekend.  Does she realize we have 70 other guests to think about and we can't arrange everything around the store?  FI has done them so many favours and yet he still gets crap.  Ugh! 
    Posted by 11beck[/QUOTE]
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