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~New Knot FAQs~

I posted this on the "other" board but it didn't show up on this one so here it is again. I stole this from the P&E board since some of you have had questions about the new version of TK.

If your signature is old - log out/log in and it should refresh. If that doesn't work, on the left side under Community Links, click on Update Profile, then Edit Profile and press save. It should refresh the code you already have there.

Knot TV - although the Knot strongly encourages you to watch Knot TV, if it causing problems with your page or difficulty loading the page, just right click on the board name (e.g. Etiquette) at the top of the page and open in new tab. There is also a "collapse" button on the right that will minimize the tv.

To find your posts, click the magnifying glass in your reply

To sort by most recent thread, check the Sort By Most Recent Post box

To sort by most recent reply, uncheck the Sort By Most Recent Post box

If you get an Error page, simply refresh your page or press the back button on your browser

If you want to read a post that has multiple pages and you want to skip to the last page, click on the post count or how many minutes/hours ago a post was written and it will take you to the last page

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other issues and I will try my best to help you. You can also e-mail to report problems and issues.

Thank you!
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