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The resort was great. Everything was very spread out so it was a bit of a hike to walk to certain areas, but you had something to do at every end of the hotel! The pool was so great! It was soooooo warm, and ran from the front lobby to the end of the resort. The food was great as well! Our wedding location was the gazebo which was magnificent, and the reception site was great as well!

I was really pleased with the decorations at the reception, though I didn’t get to see much of it other than in pictures! It started to rain during the Mother/Son dance, so we were moved to the restaurant downstairs for dinner. They couldn’t transport everything, but did what they could. The photographers told my mom that they have done many weddings there, and that was the most beautiful they ever saw the location.

My makeup was done by DH’s sister. She did it for my b-shoot and I asked her if she would do it for the wedding as well. It looked sooooo great! It lasted all night, and my dad even thought I got it professionally done. I received several compliments on it.

My hair turned out great. Normally curls drop immediately, but the hair spray they used was amazing. During dinner I clipped it up because I was hot, but it looked great. I am glad I wore it down, instead of getting an updo. I fell in love with the style over a year ago, and was going to change last minute because of the heat. Glad I didn’t.

The rain turned out to be a great point. Some guests told us that during our vows it did start to drizzle a little on them. As soon as they pronounced us husband and wife, the sun came right out though. While taking pictures, we had a triple rainbow, though only a double is visible in some pictures. It was sooo great! As mentioned above, it rained during the Mother/Son dance so we had to move to the downstairs restaurant. It eventually cleared, and we got to go until almost 11 pm (instead of 8:30!), and we were given a credit for the sound system since we couldn’t use it during dinner.

Neither of us cried during the ceremony. I thought I would be an absolute wreck but I held it together!!

The music was so great! DH is a DJ, though he hasn’t done it in a while because he has been focusing on real estate. He worked really hard on the music, and I know he was stressed about it. He normally reads the crowd, and because he recorded himself DJing the set, he couldn’t read the crowd during a live performance. Everyone loved it, and had a blast dancing all the way through!


It was hot!

No one ate the cake, and I paid per slice! They said they were all full from dinner though, which is good I suppose.

I hurt my foot the day before so I was in some pain, but moved around so much that I really didn’t feel it until the next day which was not so pleasant.

There was some drama amongst the BMs apparently, which no one told me about until after because they didn’t want to worry me about it. It really wasn’t that serious from my understanding, just too many hands in the pot I suppose. They all seemed to get along while we were there, so that is good I suppose.


One of my BMs lost her luggage! I felt so bad for her. We were waiting for everyone to arrive on Thursday and they were really late. We found out it was because they were trying to find her luggage. The airport was terrible. When you got to baggage claim, bags were already off the conveyor people just started grabbing random bags and trying to take them from you. She called every day, but had no luck. I brought some random sundresses with me to wear over my bathing suits, and she was able to fit into them, so I let her have them, and some other people let her borrow stuff. One of the sundresses I had was 3 tones, with coral being one of them, so she wore that for the wedding. I am glad that she was able to have a good time despite all of that though!

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