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How soon is too soon to send invites?

Hello everyone!

I've searched the forum to see if I could get my question answered by other brides with the same dilema, but, alas, could not really find the answer, so bear with me if the question has been answered as I probably missed it :P

I'm getting married in November 2013 in Las Vegas (I live in Canada) and I was thinking of sending out the invitations at the end of the month (Feb). Is that too soon? My wedding coordinator needs a final headcount a month prior to the date (mid October), so I am thinking of asking for an RSVP date of mid September. Is that also too soon for an RSVP date? That leaves my guests 7 months to save, plan etc.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Re: How soon is too soon to send invites?

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    Save the dates are sent anywhere from 8-12 months prior to the wedding. Invitations are typically sent 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding. If many of your guests do not know you're going away to Vegas, you could send them save-the-dates to give them a heads up, and send formal invitations out 10 weeks prior (since your vendor needs numbers 4 weeks in advance). 
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    ^^ Agreed with Kate...sending invitation now is way too early.  You can definitely send STDs now though :-)
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    I sent invites at the 3 month mark and that was actually a little too early. Save the dates could go out now, though.
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    Thanks, guys! You've all been really helpful!
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