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Hi ladies! Happy Monday! What's on the agenda for working out/eating today? 
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    FI and I just got back from the gym. I did 4.25 miles on the crossramp burning 550 cal. I'm happy with that. The weight machines were all taken so I can home and did 50 sit ups. I usually do 100-150 reps on the ab machine. I know it's not an equal trade but I haven't done sit ups in a long time, Gotta go shopping for some healthy food. I usually eat lean cusines for lunch at work but may look at just eating veggies. I love them so why not!
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    Still feeling the burn in my legs and abs from yesterdays home workout :) I think atleast for the start of Jan I'm going to stick to doing the home workouts that I used to do while travelling with the military just to avoid waiting in line for a machine at the gym until all the 'resolutions' die off again lol 
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    Britt, I agree! That's exactly what I said to FI. Either these people won't be here next month or we went at a bad time because a lot of people are off today. Does any have an at home easy ab workout besides sit ups?
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    Hi!  It's been awhile but I've been eating pretty good even with all the holiday stuff.  Although I haven't been able to workout much.  I need more at home stuff to do since we don't have a gym near us and we have no workout equipment here yet.  So I'll have to look around for that.

    For abs I do an old track workout.  It's sets of 50 crunches: regular, legs straight up, and to both sides.  I do a couple of rounds of those and feel the burn, lol.  I add in some leg lifts too or some planks.

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    Hi girls! I did my Couch to 5k today and I'm back to restricting calories using myFitnessPal!

    I just discovered some great freeze dried fruits and I love them! YAY healthy!

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    Faith~where in the grocery store do you find those? They would be great for me for work.
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    I started my 21 day cleanse today and will be doing yoga tonight =)
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