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Welcome Sign?

Are you ladies putting out a "welcome" sign?   I hadnt even thought about it, and then tonight i freaked out that I didnt have one.   I could make one quick, but I dont even know if its necessary.   I mean, we're the only event, and everyone knows what theyre going to.    thoughts?

Re: Welcome Sign?

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    I thought about doing one because there are a few different ballrooms before mine, so I don't want people to get confused...but the truth is there will be a lot of people dressed up going into a room, so I feel like people will get the point!
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    I thought about it too, but the resort is small and I feel like people will be directed where to go, although I really like the idea of a personalized sign telling everyone about the wedding....

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    What do you mean a welcome sign?  Why do you need this?  Where does it go?  Why are you freaking me out?!?! 
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    My fiance is making us a sign. It has two wooden arrows that will say "The Wedding of Michaela and Michael" then it will point towards the ceremony on the beach. Not that people will be confused bc the trolley is dropping them off right there, just because I saw one on etsy and now I want one!
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    I'm not having one. I honestly don't think is necessary is more for decor or for a place that is big or far that you think guests might not find it. Don't freak out, is more if you want to have it or if is extremely necessary, IMHO.

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    I think it'd be fun & cute to have one but we probably wont cuz its just more stuff to pack!
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    Our guests are coming from Tuesday to Friday so we couldn't just put it out for a few hours and honestly have ENOUGH stuff packed aleady...FI would hurt me if I added anything else to the mix!

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Welcome Sign?</a>:
    [QUOTE]What do you mean a welcome sign?  Why do you need this?  Where does it go?  Why are you freaking me out?!?! 
    Posted by aukelly[/QUOTE]

    Something that welcomes your guests to the ceremony and/or reception.   I was thinking I had to have one on the the table with the escort cards, maybe something along the lines of "welcome to the hogan wedding"  but then, like amanda I realized if i packed something else, FI would kill me..  haha.
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