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So im trying to pick a DJ.   I didnt want one, but FI really does, so ok, we'll have one.

My maitre d' took the liberty of hiring one for me.   this is a DJ the resort uses often, so thats good.   the maitre d asked that i contact the DJ directly for pricing info and contract.    So, i emailed him.   I also emailed another DJ.   

Their DJ takes days to respond and I had to ask him 3 times for my proce quote.   My DJ emails me back within hours.    Their DJ asked what the time frame was, and how many "special" dances he would have to do.   My DJ asked that we have a short meeting the day we arrive on the island, so we can discuss everything we want and he can make our day wonderful. 

I get a better feel from my DJ, but hes $150 more.    A $150 is $150, but in the grand scheme of things, its only $150.   People wont know the price difference, they'll know whether or not the DJ was crap.   But, if the resort uses their guy frequently, how bad can he be? 

Whaddya girls think?
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