Cost of Signature Cocktail?

We are having an open beer/wine bar at our reception to cut costs a litte, but I would love to have a signature cocktail. Just for comparison purposes (if you don't mind sharing) how much did it cost for you to have a signature cocktail? (Our venue won't allow us to bring in the bottles ourselves... I already asked)

Re: Cost of Signature Cocktail?

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    edited December 2011
    We did hosted beer, wine and 4 signature cocktails (as well as juice, soda, coffee and tea).  From what we could tell, no one ordered something not on our hosted menu of options.  We also came under our bar cap by about $1800 which was pretty sweet considered we pre paid so we got a refund. I think our sig drinks ranged from $6-8.50 each.
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    I think ours is about 7-8 bucks per drink. That's standard Bar Price, I think. We are having two: My favorite and His.
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