Cannot stop laughing

Okay, I love my FMIL.  She is so supportive and always goes above and beyond...  sometimes even a bit more than above and beyond. I was having difficulty getting enough ribbon to make the invites.  Michaels could not order more of it, so basically I was stalking 5 stores on their shipment days for over a month...and still didn't have enough.  She started stalking her local ones as well.  About two weeks ago, she found it online and called me.  I told her that I would only need 1 roll, since the ones she found were 20 yards each.  She ordered it.  Time went by and we thought it was lost in the mall.  I broke down and just did the rest of the invites with the white version of the ribbon.  Fast forward to today.  The ribbon package arrives.  When I pick it up, it feels rather heavy for 1 roll of ribbon.  I open it to find FIVE rolls of ribbon...  100 yards...  360 feet.   (That would have been enough for me to make well ovr 360 invites.)  I was still laughing when I called FI to tell him.    

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    That's awesome, lol.
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    I guess I'll use the ribbon for some other DIY projects...  still not sure what though.  We cannot return it.P.S. Carrie, you need to update your bio with your centerpieces.  Just saying ;)  (Oh, and we didn't get that one house because the people decided to turn the keys over to a REO company *side eye*.  However, we put an offer in on another one, that we like even more.  Still waiting.  Think I might just move up there and live in the FILs pool.)
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    You guys are having the worst luck with these houses! That sucks, but at least you found one you like better. I totally need to update the bio...maybe I'll go take a bunch of crappy iPhone pics and add them.
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    I guess you can never have too much ribbon!
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