vases for wedding decco

hello! sorry it took so long to get the exact measurements.i used these once at my wedding at Casa Real!.. BEAUTIFUL by the way.. loved loved the here are the vases that i have:42 votive candles and holders $35 for all6 pieces of 4.5"x4.5"x4.5" square vases used for center pieces $3 each or $15 for all10 pieces of 3.5" diameter 10.5" tall round vases$2 each or $18 for all7 pieces of 4.5" diameter 17.5" tall round vases$5 each or $30 for all2 pieces of 4.5" diameter 23.5" tall round vases$6 each or $10 for all2 pieces 7" diameter 17.5" tall round vase$10 each or $15 for bothI will sell all for $100 you could decorate your whole repception site or ceremony.I do have pictures to email leave me email.. but to be honest they they simple vases clear.they worked perfectly at the reception and wedding with floating candles and flowers. SOO versatile.

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