Small wedding, DJ or Live Music?

My wedding has 80 guests.  2/3 traditional crowd.  I am planning on having Cello/Flute duo for the ceremony music.  The duo is also offering to play at the reception as well.  My venue is indoor and cozy.  I thought about hiring a DJ for the reception but now I might want the Cello/flute duo for the reception as well.Anyone out there had a small wedding and had some type of live music???  Not a band but small duo like mine.  Let me know how it went?

Re: Small wedding, DJ or Live Music?

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    Do you want dancing at your reception...then DJ If just a quite dinner and then go home...then Cello/flute.
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    I agree with the previous poster.  I can't picture people doing anything other than ballroom dancing with a cello/flute combo. 
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