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My mom sent out the OOS invitations last Monday and the California invitations this Monday... so we've recieved a few RSVPs already.We got our first "no" today and it made me sad because it's my cousin and I really wanted to see her baby. I haven't seen the baby since she was born and she's 3! And she's part of the maybe 10 people my dad wanted to invite from his family. I do understand not having money to travel right now. But... we are hoping to keep the party between 100 - 115 and we invited 126 so it helps keep the numbers down.I have my details meeting this week!!!I bought another dress. SHOOT ME!!! Which is actually good because after my last fitting I wasn't too happy with the alterations lady or the dress.We also changed our honeymoon because FI was being a PITA. So instead of Cancun/Playa del Carmen we are going to Oahu. I would have loved to go to Mexico but Hawaii will be fun too, although less luxurious and more expensive!Just about two more months to go!Where are you ladies at?

Re: Update - rsvps, dress, honeymoon

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    legaleagleslegaleagles member
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    Another dress?!?!?Today I had my second fitting for my dress and my sister and mom brought their dresses. I'm really liking how the dress is fitting except for my big arse - its not the dress or the alterations, its just my arse is big and noticeable, but I hope everyone will be looking at the lace and me and not my dress. We finally picked all of our appetizers for the cocktail hour. I'm ordering my favors tomorrow. Only 5 weeks and 3 days! EEEK, how did that happen? We're having our details meeting on Saturday - I'll pick which color chivari chairs, either dark mahogony or gold (I have gold chargers so I'm not sure) and our linens. Can't wiat.
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    ANOTHER dress?? Please, do tell!
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    jennbuen16jennbuen16 member
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    I just had my details appt last Saturday! It was so great to get all my questions answered and now I am so relieved! And we are going to Oahu for our honeymoon in September, too!I am going to be at ER on Saturday morning with 2 of my bridesmaids to go over everything with them. Probably have lunch since their pub is great. What day is your detail appt?
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    I was just at ER today for my 10 day meeting...can't believe it's so close! Another dress?!? Got pics? How funny...all three of us...same venue...same honeymoon destination!
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    jackelbridejackelbride member
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    I went to a sample sale at Bay Area Bridal (bad, bad me!) and ended up buying the same dress as carefer, which is Allure #8445.It's awesome! I shouldn't have bought it but I love it!I'll have pictures tonight!And I sold my Marisa 726 so I don't feel so guilty about another dress. Although I'm convinced I'm insane.
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