What are you looking for? There are some halls or hotels in the area. Plus some vineyards up in Lodi. Depends on your budget and the feel you are going for.

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    Hello, Thanks for such a quick reply. The ones I have looked at are The Reserve at Spanos and Wine & Roses. We are getting married and The Cathedral of Annuciation on Rose st so I was looking for something with not to much of a traveling distance. I also looked at Berghold Winery in Lodi. I always wanted an outside wedding so I am looking for something that could be outside and inside that way we could both be happy. I know the weather for September could be warm or breezy. The cheaper the better :)
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    I've had a couple of friends get married at Annunciation. Its a beautiful church.One of my friends had their reception at the Old River Mill. I had another friend get married there too. Its really nice. Its more of a ceremony and reception place - but its all inclusive.Unfortunately there isn't much (anything) downtown..  So you would have to travel a bit. If you want some place outdoor/indoor - Vino con Brio is nice but its pretty much all outdoor - they have a hotel onsite - so you'd have somewhere to go inside.Wine and Roses is really nice (they book up quick though)Some of the country clubs in the area are really nice:Brookside Country ClubStockton Golf and Country ClubLockeford Springs Golf Club
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