Crawford's Barn in Sacramento, CA

Hi has anyone used this facility for a ceremony/reception?  Or have you been to a wedding here?  We are thinking of a fall wedding and doing the appetizer/cocktail reception with a dj, etc.  Any help would be appreciated!Thanks,Matt and Tina

Re: Crawford's Barn in Sacramento, CA

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    Hi, I went to a wedding/reception at Crawford's barn last year.  the wedding was outside in the park and then the reception was inside the barn.  Depending on how many people you're planning to have - it's kind of small.  It is a real barn, so they had set up individual tables in each of the stalls - which made me (as a guest) feel like we were sort of out of the loop about what was going on (the bride and groom where in the middle but it was incredibly hard to see.  Maybe high top tables would work better though (for a cocktail reception).  The atmosphere was nice -and perfect for fall.  Their wedding was in the summer and it was kind of stuffy. 
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