photography- how much did you spend?

I am looking at 2 photographers, one I like (but not love) and the other I love but she is double the price. I have looked around quite a bit and have not seen too many that quite grab me the way her pics do.My friends (and my gut) are telling me to go with the higher priced one because one thing you do not want to be disappointed with is your pictures...and her price also includes an album which isn't a necessity but might be nice.The higher priced one would mean photography would take up about 15% of our total budget. To me that seems high. What % of your budget was your photography?

Re: photography- how much did you spend?

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    For me I wanted the money to be spent on photography since those pictures are with you the rest of your life. With the album, 2 photographers, 8 hours of work and free engagement session, it will be about 3500.
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    It might be good to post the photographer business names to get feedback or see more examples of their work incase other knotties have used them.  It may seal the deal one way or another!  Good Luck!
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    Photography is pretty important to me too. We are getting 1 photographer + an assistant, 8 hours and all images, some retouched on a disc. We are paying $1420 for that. I really love our photographer too. I was kinda in the same situation where there was a photographer I loved, but she was too expensive. Hiring her would have meant cutting back on other things in the wedding. I wanted to have a wedding I would want to remember in the photos and didn't want to cut too much so I had to pass on that photographer. But then I found the guy I am using and I love him and his work, so I guess it all worked out in the end.
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    We decided from the beginning that photography was very important to us and chose to not to hire a videographer and spent a total of $5,500.00 on our photographer. That included 10+ hours of coverage (we had a long day, including tea ceremony, ceremony and chinese style banquet), 60 page album, 2 parent albums, online wedding slideshow, disc of all images, 2 16x20 prints and second photographer. Our photographer also put together a slideshow presentation of our tea ceremony and ceremony which was shown at our banquet. We loved our photographer - he was fabulous to work with on the day of!
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    What we are looking at is $3000: 7hrs, 2 photographers, e-session, editing, online viewing, all wedding image rights, and about a 22 pg album, with Stout Photography. I know someone on theknot used them because I found them looking at someones e-pics they did! Anyone use them and have comments? thanks! 
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    Our is 1000, 8hrs, 2 sites, full rights to pics after......GREAT guy in bio under vendors.
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    Our photography was about 12-15% of our budget. Good luck with your decision!!!
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    Photography was something that shocked me in price but also made me realize that this was something that was going to bring us back to our wedding day years from now. We are getting 6 hours of coverage with two photographers, online gallery and storefront for 3 months with a slideshow preview, 12x12 leather bridal album with 60 assorted images and the digital negatives for $3000. Her name is Lori Rittinger and was referred to me through my wedding venue Elliston Vineyards. =) It's about 12% of our budget.
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    we're paying $3500 for 9 hours with 2 photographers, our engagement session, a $1000 album credit and a dvd with images.
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    We paid $4800. That included our e-session, plus a sign in book with about 25 photos in it from the e-session. The wedding day, 12 hours, plus an albumn (<- I can't spell it but you know what I mean) and a cd of all 1200 wedding photos and all the proofs in hard-copy form. I think photography should be a good amount of your budget. Initially I didn't want to spend as much as we did but not for one moment do I regret it. Mine was Allison Stahl check her out if you want (she travels!)
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    Our photography was a lot. about $4800 for an engagement session with guest book for the wedding, two photographers for 10 hours of coverage, CD with images and copyright release, album for us and two parent albums and we loved our photographer. Michael Hawk photography

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    we are paying $1450 a bit more than FI wanted but I loved her work and when I met her I just knew I had to have her we sort of just clicked she is in my bio under vendors I keep going to her site for her updates I am so excited to see what she'll do for us
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