day of wedding coordinator?

Newly engaged and wanting to plan my wedding without a wedding planner, I really want to see how day-of wedding coordinators work out, how much they cost, etc.

If anyone has suggestions, let me know!

Re: day of wedding coordinator?

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    Where are you located (city)?

    Also a lot of times a wedding planner can actually save you money.  Just because you have a wedding planner doesn't mean you can't plan it all yourself :)  If you are located near Sacramento I can make some suggestions for you.
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    If nothing else, have someone for day of. life saver. Day of I just gave all my to-do's to her and she took care of it. I didn't want to bother family with all that little stuff. They are there to celebrate, not work.

    I paid her $200 for all day- Best 200$ spent.
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    Feelslikea dream I would love suggestions for a wedding planner, I am in Auburn but can work with someone closer to Sac! Thanks
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    LisaD who did you use?

    And like pp, Feelslikeadream let us know who your Sac area person is.  :)
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    Im using Pleasant Events, Ursula is AMAZING!!! She has met with me multiple times and knows just how to calm my nerves... she is wonderful! I am so excited that she will be there to handle all the day of mischief! I have seen her work her magic on other weddings too! She is professional at all times and even ran around before the wedding (in her heels) keeping the wedding(s) on schedule! She is great!!
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