NWR- Netbooks vs Laptops?

I am a complete moron when it comes to computers. I am looking for something to take to school, type papers on, and surf.

I dont want to spend that much money. Would I get a netbook or laptop?

Any recommendations on brand or model? Thanks!
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Re: NWR- Netbooks vs Laptops?

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    I would get a laptop. 

    Macs are nice. If you want a PC, I read an article that said that Toshiba is most reliable.
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    I regret buying a netbook because it's just too small. the screen is hard to read and the storage volume is SO limited! no cd drive either. it's worth the extra $ for a smaller (14in, for example) laptop!
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    I'm on my second Dell Laptop and I've been very happy with them.  (the first one I had for 8 years and the battery finally died and so I decided to just buy a new one since it was so old.  The new one I had for almost 2 months when the hard drive quit (not great news) but they were so good customer service wise - they sent someone out to my house to replace the hard drive the next day.  Great customer service!
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