20+ Free BRIDES magazines in Oakland

Hi ladies! I'm a wedding vendor (and former bride) with a subscription to BRIDES magazine. I was keeping these for reference, but realized recently that I don't actually reference them and they're just taking up space. I have 20+ magazines from this year and last (and maybe 2009 too), plus a couple Modern Bride. They'd be perfect for a bride-to-be looking for ideas. I posted on Craigslist, but thought someone here might be interested too. I'm in the Oakland (Lake Merritt) area. Free to whoever picks them up first!
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Re: 20+ Free BRIDES magazines in Oakland

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    I might be attending a meetup at Lake Merrit on Sunday.  If so, I'd be interested in picking up a few... maybe not the whole lot, but 4 or 5 (I've got a magazine pile problem of my own). Is there an email address I should send to if I'll be around?

    Let me know,
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