Anyone ever worked with this DJ?

I am in thr process of looking for a DJ. On my venues preferred vendor list is 'Your Budget DJ' Brian Morel. His prices seem reasonable, but I'd like to hear from people who have actually used him too.
Has anyone ever used him? Feedback? Anything would help!
Thank you!

Re: Anyone ever worked with this DJ?

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    We had a wonderful DJ for our wedding. He was recommended by a friend. We haven't used Brian Morel but our DJ was great if you are still considering.  DJ Rich ([email protected]).  He lives in Southern Cali, but drove up for our wedding.

    Our wedding plannner recommended DJ Bryan with He is local and totally nice. We actually had a hard time deciding between Rich and Bryan, but picked Rich because of the personal recommendation.

    Good Luck! I hope this isn't too late for you. 

    If you want help with questions to ask, here are a few that we wanted to know:
    1. How will you get people to dance on the dance floor?
    2. Cost of the Ceremony, Reception, Cocktail hour.
    3. What additional items can you provide with your service - lighting, etc.
    4. Recommended music for different times of the wedding, ie. garter / bouquet toss, dinner service, dance time...
    5. Will there be transporation costs?

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    Super duper helpful!
    Thank you so much!
    And no, I haven't even thought about the DJ very much, concentrating on the caterer at the moment! (So much to do! :) )
    Thanks for your recommendation and advice!

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    Brian is great! He just did our wedding in May 2011 and was fantastic for every aspect! Highly suggest you go with him! I know you think the price is right, but his service is right too!

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