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I am in the begining stages of planning my wedding and was wondering if anyone has had or been to a wedding at Forge of the Forest or Il Fornaio in Carmel.

We are looking at having around 80 people and really want something that feels homey. I love Tarpys in Monterey but they are too far from out wedding location.

Any feedback would be greatly appriciated.

Re: Carmel Wedding Reception

  • It probably doesn't help a ton but I had dinner at Il Fornaio in San Jose for the first time on Christmas Eve and it was wonderful.  The food was really good and they had great atmosphere.  If the Carmel one is anything like that I'm sure it would be great.  
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  • You should go check out those locations to see if you like the feel.

    The Forge is a fun place for drinks, but I've never done a party there.

    Il Fornaio has excellent food and the ocean view is lovely from the party terrace. The reception room is very nice for a group your size.

    Vesuvio has a rooftop terrace you might check out and Mission Ranch is a great spot too if you want to stay in Carmel.

    Where is your ceremony?
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