Hi everyone I am getting married in october of this year. My bridal party and I recently went shopping for bridesmaid dresses and I have a bm thats on the bigger side and when she tried on the biggest sample it would not fit at all. She tried to make a joke of it by making fun of herself but I know it must not have felt good. Since that event I have made a decison to let the girls pick out there own dress to make them feel comfortable, it just made sense. So two put this altogether my sis and the bridesmaid work together and she made the comment to my sis that maybe she should back down from being a bridesmaid because I already have 8. So I cant help but kind of feel hurt that she would say that, afterall she is one of my bestfriends. So I am looking for some advice on wether I should just talk to her about it or just see if she brings it up?

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    If you are going to say anything at all - pull her aside and say it in person. tone of an email can be misread. 

    I would just let it go. Or send out a bridesmaid newsletter, introducing everyone to each other and thanking them for all being part of your day, That will squash any rumors going around that you want anyone to step down. Plus newsletters are great ways to get events and other things out. I did one and all my BMs loved it.
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    This advice comes from someone who was a size 22 at one time. Being a bridesmaid should be an HONOR, and when you are too big for the largest size at the bridal store, being a bridesmaid becomes completely embarrassing. I was playing the scene in my head as you told it. did she really "play along" and try on a dress for everyone? I'm cringing.... as a large girl, I didn't even go casual clothes shopping with friends.

    Having explained where I'm coming from. I'm putting myself in her shoes. I would want the bride, my BF to pull me aside and say "You are my BF, it is important to me that you are a part of my bridal party. I need you there with me."

    She just needs reassuring that you love her and want her there.

    I applaud you for being so sensitive to her feelings. Now reassure her that your friendship means a lot to you.

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      Thanks so much for the advice! it really helped.
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    I'm not skinny and I love being a bridesmaid. Just make sure the dress comes in everyones size before you pick one.. I had girls in my wedding ranging from a 6 to 22. Everyone went dress shopping and everyone loved trying on the dresses.

    I guess it just depends on the person
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    I would definately talk to her about it. If you would really love to have her, don't let her dissapear because I have the feeling that she would also love to be a bridesmaid.
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