What I love most about FI....

Not in the, what made you fall for him or anything, but the more every day silly or cool things he does that you really love about him?

Today what I love most about FI is that he feeds me.

Explanation: We have no food in our apartment. We were never home at the same time this week to go, and FI was getting a new debit card and right now we go together and split everything.

So we were at my parent's this weekend, so we didn't need to go. It snowed and the roads were a mess by the time we got home tonight. And BTW, we had a long weekend in the sense of military stuff didn't go as planned and FI's back is bugging him. We had a very long drive home in the snow tonight too......

So I scavenged for food and there was nothing. The only things we have (that I felt like eating) are eggs and bacon. So I whined for just a second and FI left his video grames he was playing to make me eggs and bacon. He made the bacon all super crunchy and almost burnt just the way I like it. Nom nom nom.

We were still hungry so I made eggos. First I made his, put on the syrup and such and brought them to him. We were playing a game together at this point and when mine dinged he left the game to go get mine, put butter and syrup on them and bring them to me with a knife and all.

So he was in the midst of all his video game playing and dropped everything to make me happy, just for a few minutes. <3 Now that's love. Two years ago, he never would've paused to do anything for me when he was slightly crabby and just wanted to relax.

So, today what do you love most about your FI?


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<BR> Love bugs unite!

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Re: What I love most about FI....

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    Aww that is sweet. I love when DH does stuff like that for me too.
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    I came home from a long day at work to find a load of laundry done, the dishes cleaned, the garbage taken out, and the kitchen floor swept.  FI did all this while he was at home, sick.  He's always sweet like that.

    One of the sweetest things he does is that he always lets me have the first and last bite of anything.  He also carries the bags when we shop.

    He always makes me laugh.  He likes to walk up to me in public and go "Danielle?!? From high school?  Wow!  It's been so long!  How are you?"  He tries cheesy pickup lines on me too.

    He's super supportive of my endeavors, and tells me at least weekly that he's proud of all the work I do to support our family.  He thanks me for being beautiful and taking care of him - meeting his needs before he becomes aware of them.

    He calls me "My Perfect." When I say that I'm not perfect he says "You weren't listening.  You're MY perfect, so you're perfect for me."

    He just looked over my shoulder and called me a dirty liar, then laughed and kissed me.
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    Kaynix that's so sweet!
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    He can make me smile
    he can provide my blindside and bring it into view
    He has the patience to let me get crazy and out of control and then approach and make me feel much better
    He'll get in bed before me and warm my side
    . . .
    gosh I could go on for a while =) but you get the idea
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