I'm getting married September 2, 2012. I'd really like to have a videographer. I asked my photographer for referrals for one and he recommended two that started at like $3,500. That is way way too expensive for me to justify spending to my fiance.
I was wondering if any of you have any referrals for a local videographer? I would love to say I would spend x amount of dollars, but I honestly don't know what is a good budget to have for one at this point. But please do let me know if you know of any inexpensive but still good videographers:)

Thanks a lot!

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  • If you go to church or maybe your parents church, there might be someone who does it on the side.  Even if they would have to rent some equipment, surely it would be cheaper than $3500.  This is the option I am looking at.
  • We are using Slava Basovich,, he works out of SF and we felt he was reasonably priced. He's a great guy, very talented and was really flexible to meet our needs so I bet he would work something out with you. We are paying just under 2k for him,but we did not pick the cheapest package. Best of luck!
  • It really does help when you can share a budget range with a vendor.

    That way, the company can give you some realistic options rather than trying to guess what you want. You can always compare their work and price with others and make your decision based on price, quality and personality.

    Most companies are not going to change their prices just because you gave them a number. You can ask for the price and description of their most popular package as a starting point if you really don't have a sense of what that service should cost.

    By being honest about your budget up front, you'll save everyone a lot of time.

    If you think you can get your fiance to agree to $1500 for instance, let the videographer know that you have that much to spend and they'll either give you some options or they'll say that they can't help you.

  • We used for our wedding video. Spent around $2000 and the video came out great.

    We looked at a bunch of videos online and finally met with 3. We choose Axiom because the owner Robert promised to be the videographer on the day of, and he does all of his own editing. We like the style and the package was the right price for us.

    We watch our video all of the time and highly recommend having a videographer to capture all of the stuff you might miss.
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    we are using under 2000
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