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Hey everyone planning a wedding! I just wanted to give you all a heads up on the Roth Estate  in the Nevada City/Grass Valley area. I grew up in the area, and knew what I was looking for (a outdoor, garden wedding.) I viewed several venues, and settled on the Roth estate because of a view things. Mainly because it had a woman's bathroom and not just like port a potties like almost all other outdoor venues. The grounds are georgeous, but the owners are EXTREMLY hard to deal with. From the intial day of set up it was nothing but a rtoyal pain in the ass. I consider myself very easy going, but I didn't appreciate the yelling at my bridal party during rehersal, having a random family of 8 walking through my private dinner reception area while toasts were going on, or most importantly making my Mother cry.  The last thing any bride wants to expierence on her wedding day is a headache and this place is waiting to make that possible. My mom was yelled at the day after for stuff needing to move a quarter inch to the left (no joke), and forced to walk every square inch of the grounds for approval.  If the price was more reasonable I'd make a little more sense, but I wouldn't recommend it and have heard the same about the owners from every other person who got married there. Just a heads up. Not trying to bitch, just dont want anyone to have a headache when not needed!

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