March wedding in sacramento

My wedding date is 3/24/2012. Is this a bad idea? I really don't want wait any longer than march, but now I'm a getting nervous that I chose a bad month. Please write if you were married in this month or were in a wedding.& love in my area.
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Re: March wedding in sacramento

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    I lived in the Sacramento area for 5+ and  My birthday is at the end of March so I have very clear memories of the weather since we always organized a bd party. 
    The last few years weather in March has become more unpredictable.  It used to be that we could have a pool party for my birthday, eat icecream and wear summer clothes., I remember once it was over 90 degrees!  The last couple of years however it has been windy, cold, or rainy.  The weather has been a bit more unpredictable.   That being said, it's never freezing cold and you can always count on Mother Nature to give you a good shiny day :)
    My advice would be to make sure that you pick a venue that is indoors, just in case, if it's too hot, you're nice a cool, if it rains you won't get wet.  You can always pan for the ceremony to be outdoors  and wait until next year to see what the weather looks like. 
    I say pick the date that YOU want and have alternatives in case of weather.

    Good Luck!

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