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Hi everyone I am getting married in August and I am looking for a good wedding organizer binder what is a good one that you guys recommend

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  • You don't really need to buy any specific binder. You can use the tools on here to help you keep organized but don't keep important information on here it can get glitchy and you may lose it. Just use an Excel spreadsheet to keep the guest list, RSVPs, vendor info, etc. together.
  • agree; i pretty much do everything on the computer so I made a folder in my email to save those things and a folder on the computer to save guestlists (excel) and other notes.  I was going to make a binder by printing everything, but as I started doing that I figured it was a waste to print everything if I could just access it on the computer (I backed it up on a thumbdrive too, just in case!)  I also have an app I found on my kindle that lets me enter information so it keeps track of what I've bought, tracks my budget, alerts me with to-dos, enters guest list and has options to add when they rsvp, meal choice, etc.  It also can organize seating charts, etc.  So far its been easy to use, but I mainly just makes notes and keep those on the computer and in excel!

  • I have to agree with everyone else. I bought one and don't use it. I keep track of contracts, receipts, etc. in a mini file folder and use Google Docs for pretty much everything else (guest list, budget, etc.). It's fun to go buy that type of wedding stuff, I'll admit, but I've found it's not worth it. 
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    I agree with everyone on here... I would add something that has really helped me was to make a PowerPoint... What I did was after making all my boards on here and pinterest I narrowed down what I really liked and put the pictures on a PowerPoint(pp) then in the notes section added the links to the pics that I wanted to reference. As I narrow it down I'm able to make sections/pages that make sense to me like flowers, tables, his clothes, her clothes, etc. Also as I do my DIY I add it to my already have section so there is a visual... Now why do all of this? I have found it emmensly helpful because I live in Los Angeles, from east bay and wedding venue is in Chico... So I'm talking to vendors and to make sure we're on the same page I send them my PowerPoint so they can see the vision I'm going for and can suggest ideas/items. It has helped with rentals for my tables, lounge area, florist, & hair stylist.
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