Desperatly need a videographer!

We're having our wedding in Santa Clara in March of this year.. I desperately need a videographer for our wedding!!  I'm trying to spend $1500 or under.. Need recommendations please!!!

Re: Desperatly need a videographer!

  • I looked into a place I found on craigslist, they have just a few yelp reviews, all positive though.  It's Escape Photography []

    Their site didn't mention video but their ad on craigslist did, and when I contacted them for a quote I received a super fast response, and a decent price!!

    I received a quote from them for their lowest price videography package, $1600.  For this you receive 2 videographers for 6 hours, they cover the prep, ceremony and reception, they offer a "fun shoot" [didnt get any details on this yet] after the ceremony, and 3 edited HD DVDs.

    Hope this helps!!
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  • Craigslist really makes me nervous...

    We're using Wendy's Timeless Videos (she's based out of the Bay Area but most of the listing sites have her in Modesto).  We met her at a bridal show and she's great.  I like that all of her packages have three cameras, not just one or two like most videographers.  Her prices are also very affordable.

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