How are you handling picking out bridesmaid dresses?

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    I took everyone shopping one day, they tried on dresses gave opinions. I picked the color (blue) and the length (floor length - My cousin had scars on her legs from surgeries) ... from there the girls that were with me picked the dresses. If you weren't with me, you didn't get a say. I planned the trip 2 months in advance, so it gave people plenty of notice to plan to be there.
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    I emailed with my MOH mostly - and we found some styles we thought might work.  I took random shopping trips with MOH and BMs....trying on random stuff.  We decided to rent - and it worked out well.  They style of dress that i liked wasn't available in the right color anywhere - so the style is not as ideal as the one I loved, but it was the right color and it looked good on everyone (the color is burgundy)

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    Short, white, if possible run it by me before you buy. That is all. Having just moved to San Francisco from New York, all my bridesmaids still live there, so a shopping trip would prove prohibitively expensive for everyone, and I didn't really want matchy bridesmaids. It just seemed the easiest route.
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    I picked the color, a deep red (claret from Alfred Angelo). I was originally letting them pick their own but my MoH convinced me they should match.

    So them I went shopping with my MoH and one BM (I have three total so just one was missing). We narrowed it down to 3 or 4, I had my other BM/FSIL go try and then I debated long versus short until I made a decision.
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    I held up color swatches to each of my bridesmaids to pick the color and settled in on Royal Blue (AKA Horizon at David's Bridal)

    Then I told everyone to pick a dress.  As long as it was the same color and same length, it didn't matter to me.  It was more important that they feel comfortable in the hot late summer weather.

    By coincidence, they picked the same dress.  We'll be ordering them next month.
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    I looked at color swatches first of different designers and found the deep purple color that I wanted, which happened to be Mori Lee.  So I set the color and the designer.  Originally I was going to have the girls pick out their own dresses as long as they were all the same color and the same fabric.  Then all of them wanted me to look at the dresses and with everyone's different schedules I just got fed up with things so I consulted with my MOH and my roommate who is a BM and we looked at different styles and came up with one.  So now all of them are matching.

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