where to rent formal suits for the guys?

Any recommendations for places to rent formal suits for the groom and groomsmen? My fiance doesn't want to wear a traditional tux. We are looking for formal, nicely fitting, non-cheesy formal suits...  to rent (preferably) or buy.  We'll probably have to buy if we want them tailored.

Re: where to rent formal suits for the guys?

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    Formal Headquarters in San Jose.  Depending on how big your party is, you could get a huge discount.  For us, we are getting 3 free tux rentals + $40 off every suit for our group of 13.  Suits normally range from $105-$140.

    With rentals, they can be altered to fit each person's measurements.  I am not sure if this is different from tailoring, which may be more unique to a person's measurements?

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    I would call around to the tux rentals. There might be a few places that have a limited amount of suits. 

    Have you tried looking at the tuxes? There are a lot of different styles - They don't have to look really formal at all. 
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    Men's Warehouse, definately sign up on their site or with David's Bridal.  We just got these coupons the other day and always get them.
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