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Hey - Has anyone used or know anyone who used Stephen Starr Catering.  Looking for any reviews or opinions on the food and the service.  Thanks!

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    I've never used them, but their food is delish.
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    I'm obsessed with SS and desperately wanted them to cater our wedding, but I had a bad experience with my point of contact from their catering division.  She cancelled our first appointment because one of their events was short-staffed, so she had to work the event last minute (why is Stephen Starr short-staffed for a wedding?) and since our schedules were conflicting to meet in person, we set up a conference call, but she failed to call me altogether.  If they screwed up two of my appointments, I definitely didn't want them handling my wedding! 

    Remember - this was my experience and yours may be totally different!  I'm just sharing what happened when I worked with them.
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    My office had a retirement lucheon catered by SS. they gourmet sandwiches, potato & pasta salad, amazing homemade chips.  The desserts were fabulous too. I was much less formal then a wedding but still really good

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  • While I agree that the food is delicious, there customer service leaves a lot to be desired. When searching around for caterers for my wedding, I had to call 4 times before I even got a return call. This wasn't 4 calls in a row, it was over a span of about 2 weeks! After she finally did return my call, and apologized profusely, she told me she would send me a sample menu and pricing right away. She also said to disregard the pricing on what she sent because my pricing would be a lot different since my wedding is on a holiday. She promised to email me the correct pricing that afternoon or the next day. While she did send me a sample menu as promised, I am still waiting for one that includes prices! That was a week ago and I havent heard from her since. I will NOT be using SS for my wedding. As I said, the food is great but other caterers have comparable food and excellent customer service. They respond to emails and calls the same day. SS just doesnt seem to care if they get your business or not.
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