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Hey there, I've seen a couple of you post about online precana. I can't find it on Is that where you registered?

It's going to be nearly impossible with my neighborhood church not announcing their precana date (I hear maybe April every time I call,) me travelling a lot on weekends, and my fiance in school hoping we'll still be free by the time they announce it... I keep worrying about it, and I just want to find a solution.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Online precana


    It's accepted by the archdiosces of philadelphia. Just confirm with the church that is marrying you that they will accept it as well.

    It's pretty long (but I think that depends on how much you discuss and read your counsler's answers).
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  • Holy Redeemer in Chinatown has a one-day class in April 6th. They just came out and opened up registration. It's relatively well priced at $50 and I heard a pretty good class too.
  • i found out that Holy Family has one coming up in March for $60. Thanks, girls! We were busy for the one in the Fall so thank goodness it worked out! (I travel a lot for work.)
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