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Big meeting with the venue tonight!

So excited...tonight FI and I are meeting with the coordinator at our venue to finalize our menu and a lot of other details! I will be so glad to get such a big check out of the way, and to have a better picture in my head of how things are going to look at the wedding. I'm also kind of nervous, though, because some of the things we have to decide are things we're not 100 sure on...namely our CAKE. I'm hoping we get to choose more than one flavor because FI wants red velvet and I am not a fan. But even if I do get a vote on the cake, I'm not sure what that vote would be. We tried lemon cake with strawberry filling and almond cake with chocolate custard filling at the tasting, and both were great. How the heck am I supposed to choose?? Any thoughts?
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Re: Big meeting with the venue tonight!

  • So fun!

    I'd pick lemon with strawberry for two reasons - one red velvet is already chocolate technically - two I fear some people having nut allergies in my family. Good luck choosing though because I'd eat them all!
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  • I vote lemon and strawberry. I'm biased though, those are my favourite flavours!
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  • another vote for lemon strawberry it sounds yummy!
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  • I absolutely love anything lemon, but the almond and chocolate also sounds pretty good, so I'm no help, lol.
  • mmm, almond chocolate....
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  • I don't know if you are able to have the layers different flavors at a small charge or maybe even free of charge. Our cake baker is not charging for different flavors. I'd say give them a call and ask. Also I say vanilla almond if you aren't able to choose different flavors for the layers. Good luck.
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  • we tried an almond raspberry, it was delicious. I would love the lemon strawberry but we cannot have lemon since MOH is severly allergic. FI was sooo upset by the news. Ill probably make the anniversary cake lemon (we get it on the 1 year instead of having to save the top of the cake)
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  • We had the same problem. All 4 flavors we tried were completely delicious. Our baker let us do each layer a different flavor for our 3-tier bride cake and then we used the 4th flavor for FI groom's cake. But if I had to pick 1 of your flavors almond/chocolate. 
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