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Wedding band issues

We went to pick up my e-ring and wedding band (it's a jacket) yesterday from being sized.  They sized the band to match my e-ring, which fits me perfectly, but when I put them both on, it's incredibly tight.  I think it has to do with the band being so wide, that it's tighter towards my knuckle.

I think I'm going to have to take it back in so they can size it a little bigger.  I just hope that it doesn't look much bigger with my e-ring, because right now they are completely flush with each other.  You can see in the picture that my e-ring and the lower band fit pretty well, but the top band is super tight.  It's squeezing my finger.

If that doesn't work, I can trade it in for something else, but we would have to spend double the value of it.  My wedding band was already above our budget and even though we could afford it, I don't know if I want to spend the money.  We really want to start remodeling our home and it would have to be taken from that budget.

Ugh, what to do...

Re: Wedding band issues

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    Yikes.  I'm glad you posted this but am sorry you're having a problem.  I was wondering what to do about my band.  I'm not ordering it til next week...its a wider band, similar in size to yours and I have this "pudge", for lack of a better word right under that middle knuckle, where yours is snug.  It, unfortunately, is hereditary.  I keep asking everyone I know if I should order a 1/2 size up and no one seems to have an answer.  I guess if you've never had that problem, you wouldn't know. 

    I believe you've answered my question for me.

    I would think you should be able to get it adjusted.  You obviously can't keep it that way.  i know my fingers have a tendancy to swell in the heat and when traveling  just as an example...it would cut off my circulation!!

    Your rings is absolutely gorgeous, by the way!!!
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  • Your ring is gorgeous, but it definitely does look tight. Did you talk to the jeweler/ try it on when you were there? I would think that they would be willing to fix it somehow even if its just sizing up the jacket so its not too tight on your finger.

    Good luck!

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    I have 2 wedding bands not connected and had to get the front one larger then the e ring and back band it made my finger look just like yours if you go a quarter size up you should be fine. PS beautiful !
  • I am the same way shoebie.... but I actually felt as tho I should size the back one up a bit. We haven't gotten the rings sized yet but will be making those decisions soon as come August they will need inspected again.
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