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BBB....the flaw in the registry!

I was looking into trying to go to one of those registry completion parties and started going through our list to make sure things are in the store.....welp, about 90% of the things remaining aren't in any store, or one within 40 miles!  Uggg.  This would be the flaw in suplimenting the registry online.....because now we will have to either find new things in the store not on our registry, or get the things we want shipped to us.  Unfortunately they rarely send out email coupons so no discount, but damned if I don't have a drawer full of in-store only coupons!  Foiled!


Re: BBB....the flaw in the registry!

  • We had china on our registry and the store in our area didn't carry it.  We were able to use the completion discount and just have the plates shipped (free of charge) to us by going to the event.  They aren't very clear about how their events work, but it's 20% off your entire purchase, whether it's on your registry or not.  So you can pick up some things that may not have been there when you registered, or Christmas gifts.

    It might be worth going to, I'm not sure if it was just because it was china, but it worked out for us.  It was nice to use all those gift cards that we've had sitting around since the shower. 

  • I went to BBB registry completion event last week and there were about 15 things on my registry that weren't available in store. They are shipping them to my house for free. I paid for them in store and still got the discount.
  • I used to work for BBB. You should be able to go in store and order something off their website if it is on the registry and use your in store coupon to purchase it there and they will ship it to you.
  • Everyone is correct! I just went to my BB&B completion event this past Sunday night and they didn't have our glassware. We got it for 20% off still and they are shipping it for free. They'll take care of all of it for 20%!
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  • Score!  So glad I came on here bummed!  Thank you ladies!

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