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October 2012 Weddings

QOTD 12/3

Before you were married did your parents let you sleep in the same bed when you stayed at there house?  What about when you stayed at DH's parents?
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Re: QOTD 12/3

  • We live very close to both of our families so it's never really been an issue. We lived together for over a year before getting married, they're not stupid.

    We did have to stay with MIL for a week while our bathroom was being renovated but she has a small house so she ended up spending the nights at her BFs so it wouldn't be so croweded in the mornings when everyone was getting ready for work.

  • We didn't live together before we were married...but no, we didn't sleep in the same bed.  I stayed at my husband's parents house (he lived there beforehand) while we were dating and I slept in his bed while he slept on the couch.

    btw-H finished school in April 2011, proposed in June which is why he was still living with his parents. 
  • We live close, so we would much rather go home to our own house. Although I don't think either families would have let us if we were in their house. HAha

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  • The only time that we stayed at either of our parent's houses before we were married was the 4 nights we stayed at my parents house before the wedding.  We did share a bed and we would have stayed at a hotel if we couldn't.

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  • My parents are divorced; mom never cared about us being in the same bed, but dad did. And we've never stayed overnight with H's parents because we live close enough to them that it makes more sense to just go home. So I can't say what they would have thought about it, but knowing them, I don't think it would have been an issue.
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  • When H and I started dating be was living at his parent's.  He lived with a friend prior to that and it didn't work out.  He didn't find a new place so he just went back to his parent's temporarily.  I actually met MIL while I was sneaking out of H's bedroom one morning.  It was never an issue, when we stayed there.
    I had my own apartment, but there were a couple times we stayed at my parent's place.  My parents didn't care.  I'm the youngest of 5 kids, by the time I moved out they stopped giving a crap.

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  • We'd always lived close by and never spent the night at my parents' house, plus there was only a twin bed in my old room up until recently.  If we had, I'm certain they would have put us in separate rooms.  We had spent the night a few times at his parents' house and shared a bed, but only after we had been together for 5+ years and were already living together.  By that point, they didn't really care.

  • We dated 5 years before we got married and lived together 2.5 yrs of those 5.  the only time my mom allowed us to sleep in the same bed was the summer before we moved in together.  but even then we had to keep the door open.  which was fine.  I respect my mom too much to do anything while she was home.

    my dad would not ever let us (it never came up/was never an issue so I guess I don't know for sure, but I assume).  but, I don't have a bedroom at my dads anyways so.  Over Thanksgiving we slept there.  I slept on the couch and poor H slept on the floor. 

    H's grandparents (they raised him) are SUPER religious.  I dont think I'd even be allowed to sleep over even if I had slept in the basement, haha.  Even now that we're married, I would never even consider spending the night there. it would just be SO awkward. 
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  • I had my own app... so it wasn't a problem lol... and DH had his house...

  • After we started living together (about 4 years ago) our parents didn't care if we slept together when we were visiting our hometown.
  • We only live six miles from my parents. They were not pleased we were living together, and would not have been comfortable if we shared a bed under their roof - so we always went home! I doubt his parents would care, but I haven't been inside their home for it to matter.
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  • We went to visit my folks in June and we slept in separate beds...we had a choice and we went with that :)
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  • We started dating when we were both 23 and the first (I think) time H came over was on New Years Eve and he spent the night in my room.  This was also the first time they met him.  We had only been dating a couple of weeks at that time.   And the first time I met his parents I spent the night and we slept together in his bed room.  Neither of our parents really cared at that point.  Or if they did, they didn't say anything. 
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  • We slept in the same bed when we stay at each other's parents house.

    BUT the first time I went to NC with him, his younger sister tried to tell me she had to talk their mama into it.  It was the second meeting his mom and I was SO afraid we offended her.  I told H and he laughed, said she didn't care and then he brought it up when sister wasn't around... his mama laughed too.  

    Now my mamaw is against that, so when we stayed there I showed him which bedroom was his and which was mine.  He was just glad he didn't have to sleep in the camper.
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  • When we stayed at my parents, we always shared a bed. The first time it came up, my mom kind of hesitated and I told her "mom, you guys already know we're having sex, it's not a big deal." and so it wasn't. Never caused an issue.

    At DH's...he lived there for 3 years of our relationship until we got engaged and he moved in with me. My last two years of college, his parents were gracious enough to let me live there rent free since I ended up staying the night anyways, even when I had a separate place to go. We weren't allowed to stay in the same room, though. He would come cuddle me until we were almost asleep, then go upstairs to his bed.
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  • When we first started dating we were in high school. I was living at home and by the end of the school year of gr 12 he was allowed to sleep over. He had to sleep in the rec room. Come to think of it, I don't think we've ever slept in the same bed at my parents house. As for his parents, we used to live in their basement, so yes we had our own room and slept in the same bed. Now we live next door to his parents and my parents are a 15 minute drive, so there is likely not going to be a need for us to stay at either of their houses.
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  • Well both his parents as well as my parents didn't allow overnight being in the bed together..however we were allowed to be in the bed together to watch tv and stuff..if it was over night we were to sleep separately though..at the IL's I got the bed and he got the couch..at my moms he had to sleep in the spare room..the only exception was when my Dad died. It was a nut house my sister came from FL, my cousin came and stayed and Justin didn't leave my side for a week. We actually slept on an air mattress in one of the spare rooms and my mom didn't utter a word. This was before we were engaged as well but I don't think I would have made it without him there..

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