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Good Morning Brides to be,

My fiance and I really wanna have our wedding at Penn Oaks Golf Club. I love the patio and he loves the golf course, however, we are affraid that the ballroom will not comfortable fit our 230 guest that are invited. As anyone ever been to a big wedding there? Also, do you know of any other golf courses in that area?

Thanks for your help!!!

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  • we are booked at penn oaks next fall and are expecting around 200. we will probably have the band set up on the patio and dancing on the outside dance floor so that we can put more tables inside (covering up the inside dance floor) for extra space! the staff seems very accomadating and i have heard great things from others who had weddings there!
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    My fiance and I looked at having our wedding at Penn Oaks, but more than likely will not be. We will see, though.

    I thought it was a beautiful location, but I do think it would be tight for 200+ people. You might try having tables in both the patio area as well as the indoor ballroom, but that may be uncomfortable for your guests, especially if they prefer the air conditioning. Also it might create a "problem" depending on where you and your finance will be seated, as well as if everyone wants to see your first dance.

    Does it say it will hold 200 people? We are having a very small wedding (around 50 people) so I didn't really consider it when I went.

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  • Hi - We had our wedding there and it was perfect - we had 275 people and a band.  We invited 310 and Penn Oaks was going to accommodate that number too.  We loved it - room was not an issue!  However, when we were booking our wedding this was one of my concerns, but I'm so happy we went with Penn Oaks.  Great people to work with and we worried about nothing!  The patio was perfect and our dance floor was in the tented patio area.  Also, we had tables set up on the tent area in addition to all tables in the ballroom.  We are still getting compliments from family and friends.  Tables were also set up outside so people loved the option of being able to enjoy the grounds and take their drinks outside (everyone had a table/seat inside for dinner).  My husbad and I sat at the sweetheart table in the middle and Penn Oaks decorated it beautifully - wish we let them decorate all the tables.  They had another small room and did a beautiful dessert room too.  Anything you can imagine Penn Oaks will make happen!!  Food was delicious and for cocktail hour we had a mini slider station since they are my husband's favorites.  Hope it works out for you - good luck!!
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