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motivation and vent- kinda

So I got a ton of stuff done house wise this weekend.  We cleaned the bathroom, did a big shopping trip, had my mom's birthday dinner (along with preparing her cake, apple crumb, homemade meatballs, etc) and did all my laundry and put it away, did all the dishes and yada, yada, yada. 

I am now lacking all motivation to get any planning done for tomorrow (I teach at head start).  I pretty much know what i am going to do tomorrow but then we start a new unit on tuesday-- forest- which is boring for me and it is so open ended. 

I really love working with children, but sometimes I wish I had a job where I did not have to do work at home.  Which happens all the time and which I would get reprimanded for if my supervisors found out I was doing work at home but would also get reprimanded if I did not get it all done, which is impossible if I don't do it at home or stay after work to do  (also a big no, no).

So wow sorry it turned out to be a vent I think I am just tired and am eager for Once Upon a Time (which for me I am still not sure if I like) and The Walking Dead to come on so I can go to bed....
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