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Hair Help Please!

Hey Ladies - I need some help picking out a clip for my wedding day hair. I plan on wearing my hair like this without the flower:
The hairstylist suggested a clip or something of the like, so I found these two:

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Re: Hair Help Please!

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    I like the first one... BEAUTIFUL!!!
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    I also really like the first clip, but I'm always drawn to assymetrical shapes.
    It doesn't have to be perfect to be everything I want!
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    Number one is beautiful!!
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    I really like #2 I will say that if your hair is that long and you have the curls, just make sure its going to be large enough, you don't want it being so small for your hair.
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    Out of the two choices, I like #1 the best.  However, I’d be curious to see what type of jewelry you are wearing and what your dress looks like to determine what would be the best type of hair clip.  If your jewelry is pearls, you might want to find a clip that has some pearls in it, to tie the whole look together.  If your dress has a lot of bling on it, I would suggest finding a less sparkly hair piece.

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    Both are beautiful, but the round one would look funny with your hair style. you need something oval/long not round.

    Ps jealous of your gorgeous red hair!!!
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