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Rehearsal Dinner Declines

Hey Ladies,
Just wanted to see how it was going for those who have chosen to have a rehearsal dinner. FI and I have at least 7 people unable to attend so far. This includes his Dad and Step Mom, Sister, 2 Groomsmen and 2 bridesmaids.
I'm just hoping enough people can come so they can pass on the info for those who couldn't be there and there are still quite a few people we are waiting to hear from.
How is the response going for the rest of you?
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Re: Rehearsal Dinner Declines

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    All of our wedding party will be there. Just about everyone we've invited(to the dinner, not the wedding) will be at the dinner. My cousins (flower girls) won't be at the dinner because it's close to their bedtime, but will be at the actual run-through before.
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    we had to invite the majority of the out of towners and all that replied yes to the wedding are joining us..we ended up  sending the invite with the wedding invite and having both options on the response card.
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    Everyone is coming for us except for 2 BMs who are cousins their parents and we invited them out of courtesy but they decline bc they would be making the trip from NJ and then would have to turn around to drive home 2 hours just to come back the next morning and im not putting everyone up for night before accomodations, also my cousin's husband who will be a GM in a wedding in another state which we knew about but invited anyway,
    we only invited 33 and 30 are all coming.
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