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How's married life treating you?

Is anyone else hearing this nonstop? 
I'm getting it daily at work, pretty tired of it.  Really nothing has changed for me, other than I'm not worried about wedding details anymore.  I'm seriously so calm now, I love it!!

What is the #1 thing you are excited about not worrying about anymore?  I'm pretty pumped about not having to stalk people for RSVPs anymore! 

Did anyone suffer from the Post Wedding Blues?
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Re: How's married life treating you?

  • I hear it, and I shrug and say not much has changed.  I've been getting the "when you having a baby" more.

    I'm glad I don't have to worry about making everyone happy... or the 1001 lists me and my mom had going.  No post-wedding blues, just the normal I-never-see-the-sun blues that come with winter.
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  • People ask me too but it's because they know we didn't live together beforehand (my mom asks me this everyime i see her!!).   so obv everything is different! 

    i wasn't really stressed/worried about anything until the week of the wedding...my mom called me bridezilla becuase i wasn't taking her ideas or telling her what i was doing.

    i didn't have post wedding blues but i felt like "now what?". 
  • I'd rather have people ask "how's married life" than the "when are you having kids" question that we've been getting non-stop! They're probably asking about kids because DH and I lived together for 4 years before we were married, so they know that married life isn't much different. People don't seem to like it when I answer not for a while! I really wish people would respect the fact that I'm finishing my Ph.D. and would like to get my career underway before we have kids. I didn't go to school for this long to commit career suicide by having kids before I'm secure in my career!  **rant over**
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  • I get that question a lot too.  But, married life is SO wonderful.  we lived together for over 2 years before we were married, but still something has changed..marriage is a big deal, and we understand and respect that. 

    no one has asked us about kids.  I'm pretty young (23) and am starting grad school in January so I think people know it won't be for a few years.

    No wedding blues here.  I'm so glad it's all over :)   I was so stressed out the last few months.  I'm glad I don't have to deal with my WP anymore.  that might sound terrible but I was constantly trying to get in touch with them to make sure they had their drsses ordered, altered, picked up, etc.  some of them were so irresponsible.  I'm so glad I can chill out and enjoy the holidays with my H.
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  • We get asked that question.  I am like you guys, nothing has really changed except I have a new last name and a new ring on my finger. 

    I am excited to not have to worry about how we were going to get along with my parents while staying at their house for the 4 days before the wedding.  DH kept saying that if something happened we were going to stay at a hotel while we were down there.  It turned out ok, not perfect, but ok.

    Do I have the post wedding blues?  Maybe a little.  I think that it is more of post vacation blues.  We were away from home for two whole weeks and it was so nice.  Now we arelooking forward to buying a house and having babies.  :)
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  • haha! I tell them this:

    Same...but we have new sheets now and they are soooo nice! (i say that with this longing look like I want to get back into bed with my husband right now)...

    and they don't usually expect that answer so then they feel awkward they even asked and drop the subject...they don't even ask about kids...it's really funny watching their reactions :P

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  • I think I have a TINY bit of post-wedding-blues lately. I just keep thinking about little things I wish I'd done differently, but I keep reminding myself those things don't matter.
  • I get that too and I just say it's great, because it is! It's still a process though so once my name is totally changed everywhere and we buy a house together I think I will feel more settled. DH really likes being married, he gets fed really well :)
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  • Life hasn't really changed for us, except we have a lot of new stuff (yay!).

    I went through a bit of wedding blues. Mostly just wishing I could wear my dress again and that we could re-live the day since it went by SO fast.
  • I forgot to mention wedding blues:
    I wish that I could relive the day too...not the planning, just wedding day LOL!  On wedding day, I didn't feel like it was moving fast at all...but looking back on it, I feel like once the reception started it just flew by! I'd really love to see our video, but we still have to wait months for that. DH and I just went to a wedding this past weekend at the sister venue to the one where we got married (same owners). They had almost the same wedding cake that we had, so it was nice to have another piece of our wedding cake and to have a few more the same yummy desserts and appetizers that we had at our wedding : )
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  • Meh, I've gotten a lot of people asking both questions.  For us, married life is pretty much the same since we've lived together for 3.5 years, and have had a house and dog for 2 years.  I do like calling him my husband and seeing him wear his ring!  Still doesn't feel much more real especially since changing my name takes sooooo long.

    I'm really glad not to be dealing with vendors and stressing about the money.  We had plenty to fund the wedding, but I'm much more thrifty by nature than my husband, so I was always stressing when last minute costs popped up.

    I didn't get too blue, but I was kind of sad not to have little projects to work on and to know that I don't get to wear the dress that I'm in love with again!  I wish I could relive the day because it felt non-stop from 6 am to midnight, with warp speed once we got to the venue.  I would also know to ask for specific photos!  (I digress)  I would eat our appetizers and see all the food displays.  Have a few more glasses of wine.  I would have more of our delicious cake and make sure FI got to try some.  But really, I wouldn't change much! 

  • For us married life is exactly the same except for the extra ring on my finger and my last name being different now. I was just asked yesterday "hows married life" and my answer always is the same..."exactly how its been for the last 7 years, no different" We also lived together for almost 2 years prior to getting married. I will say its nice to see DH with a wedding band on, he looks hot with it;)

    I'm excited about not having to worry about saving every penny for the wedding or meeting deadlines to get things done so i could relax the weeks before. Oh and i dont miss having to deal with people not RSVPing which was the worst considering i would never do that to someone getting married and it opened my eyes to who my real friends/family are!!

    Wedding blues: ehh not really except maybe id like to put the dress back on and re-live it and take more of it in bc like others said it went by sooo fast! I also cant wait for my wedding video to be done. Atleast our albums will be done by christmas=)
  • I keep getting that question a lot at work and by family.  My answer is always the same "not much different then before".  Glad to see I'm not the only one!! One things is now different though, we closed on our house last week and no longer live with my in-laws (where we have been since Nov 2011)... Having our own space is lovely!!!
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  • I've gotten it a little bit, but not too too much. I just tell them it's pretty much the same, just with a new last name. 

    I definitely had some post-wedding blues. I had such an amazing time at our wedding, and everything turned out perfect....I would happily go back and do it again. I was sad that it was over. I wanted to dance more!!
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  • Married life is great... 2 months today...
    we don't get asked this anymore though... we have lived together over a year almost 2... and not much has changed except he calls me his Schmoopsie Pooh Wife...

    now everyone is concentrating on the pregnancy...
  • I get a little bit of both the married life and when are you having kids? Neither have really started to bother me because its not the same people asking. I always answer the same ways pretty much...'not much different other than the name.' We lived together 2 years prior and have been together for 7 years. I will tell you ladies though I feel more stable now if that makes sense but not really to do with the marriage but more because we sold our land in the country to pay down the mortgage on the house we bought in August and so we'll have the house paid for in 6 years! Not many people my age can say that. I also paid off my car and no longer have to fork out all this money to wedding related things so I just generally feel like we're in a great place and the kid chapter needs to begin. So that being said no wedding blues for me...and if people ask when we're having kids I shrug it off and say it'll be a while even though we are kinda trying..I just don't want to stress about it and have people pressure me over it..we aren't trying trying..as in doing everything we can to make it happen we're just taking it slow and seeing what happens now that I'm off the pill and trouble getting pregnant and miscarriages run in my family so its not something I want people to know..heck if I were to end up pregnant I prob wouldn't tell anyone until after the first trimester due to all the miscarriages..I don't want everyone getting their hopes up like with my Sister.


  • We have been together almost 10 years and have lived together just as long so when they ask I just tell them "only the last name and we call each other husband and wife." No baby questions since they were all asking before the wedding and I said not right away since we want to buy a house. 

    As for wedding blues it was more like wedding anger. They rushed our ceremony cause my oldest niece was running late so we started late. Because we started late the ceremony was cut shorter and I didn't get all the pictures I wanted. I was in a room hiding and there was no clock so when I heard the coordinator say it was after 2 I had my BM go out there and tell the coordinator to start. We got married in a Chapel in Vegas so if we go over they charge you $100, I was not willing to pay that. To add fuel to the fire the reason she was late was because of her boyfriend who was not even invited! It was a family only wedding! *end rant*
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