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TMI Tuesday QOTD 10/2

Has FI ever woken you up in the middle of the night to have a little fun?  Have you done it to FI?
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Re: TMI Tuesday QOTD 10/2

  • Yes and yes.  It usually occurs if a) there's a good chance of a snow day or b) the party doing the waking cannot sleep.  However, it works like a charm. :)
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  • I have done it to him, but he knows better than to do that to me.
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    Yes and yes.  Sometimes, I have frisky dreams!  Wink

    Also it's 10/2, I'm sure the 10/4 bride almost crapped herself when she saw this post!  lol!
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  • He use to quite a bit when he worked a job where he got home at around 1 am.

    Now when we're both working he's not home at night so it makes it hard and when he's not working we're usually half exhausted. lol

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    October 13, 2012
  • No, and he probably won't. :( I would relish that! I am far more sexually driven than he is. I have woken him a couple of times. It is so hard to get him awake, I'm exhausted when his eyes are finally open!

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  • Unless I'm not remembering right, we've had ONE wake up encounter, but even that was a weekend morning where he woke me up.

    I don't think there were others? But I may be wrong.
  • Not with FI. We're both pretty sound sleepers. I did with an ex once though.
  • Yes and yes.  I kind of wish it would happen more often.  It's nice to wake up feeling so wanted :)
  • When FI is too tired he is TOO Tired... and waking him up in WHATEVER means will not make a difference... EVEN UP lol he will still sleep soundly...

    I think we did it once or twice when he had first met... but usually it is more like a first thing in the morning or late at night, never while sleeping lol
  • I'm pretty sure we did it early on in the relationship, but we both like our sleep WAY too much to be waking each other up for just about any reason.
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  • yes and yes.

    however, he usually gets told 'no' when he tries it.  I hate being woken up, even for sex.  I hate when he tries to kiss me when I have morning breath.  grossssss. 
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  • Oh definitely! He says that's one of his favorite times to uhh... Play, and I enjoy the spontaneity of it! So if either of us wake up in the middle of the night the other usually gets woken up too!
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  • Yes and yes.  He did it to me on Sunday night!  Normally I hate being woken up in the middle of the night but I'll let it slide every now and again like I did this weekend.  
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  • Not usually, but ironically, I fell asleep very early last night and was woken up around 12:30am by FI telling me how nice and warm I was and how I smelled like fresh linens and it reminded him of the first time we ever fooled around.  Needless to say, it led to something.
  • FI kind of has his sleep thing (stems from PTSD) and he'll start things with me and won't remember.  I usually fend him off... sometimes I go with it!  Just funny having the "sooo remember last night" convo... or when i'm fending him off and he's really awake.  I sometimes make him talk to me first.  I know if he's really stressed it's his sleep thing.

    I don't usually try, because he's really hard to get awake, and it usually ends with hurt feelings.
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  • Yes and yes.  Although FI is usually sleeping when he wakes me up.  Surprised
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  • yes and yes...we have both done it to each other...we just seem to be so busy sometimes that we never get there before one of us falls asleep....so it happens pretty regularly...but we never know who initiated it...I always say it was him and he always says it was me...doesn't matter...its always good....and super easy to just go back to sleep....I think its great...of course...Im WAY more sexual than he is....I dont think there is ever a bad time...I'm always up for it or can be easily swayed...looking forward to sex on the beach!!!! 
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    [QUOTE]Also it's 10/2, I'm sure the 10/4 bride almost crapped herself when she saw this post!  lol!
    Posted by Seipel12[/QUOTE]

    hahahahaha!  I would have totally freaked out!
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  • All the time for both. it's about the only time we have together since we have opposite schedules.
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  • i have woken up and tried but it is too much work in the middle of the night if he's not the one inititating it :(  but he has woken me up with it (hes goes to bed much later than me)
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  • I have only woken my FI up a few times over the years and he LOVES it when I do that, but that guy does it all the time to me. Its about 50/50, sometimes I say leave me alone or I'll hurt you or we get busy.
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  • Yes and Yes, those are always the fun times!!!
  • Yes and yes. Usually he is the one doing the waking. I'm a pretty sound sleeper, and I really don't like tired sex. Sometimes I give in though. :) Early morning as we are waking up or middle of the day is my preferred time to do it. 
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